What is an “Endorsement”?  An endorsement is the content area that will appear on your license, once issued, and aligns with the classes you will teach, once you enter the classroom.  You may prepare for the content exam, known as the PRAXIS II, or PRAXIS Subject Assessment, by obtaining a study guide from any book seller.  You may also want to seek out a PRAXIS Study Companion for your content area, which is a free, online resource from ETS.

Endorsement areas supported/Test Codes:

  • Middle School English/Lang. Arts (6-8)/(5047)
  • Middle School Science (6-8)/(5442)
  • Middle School Social Studies (6-8)/(5089)
  • Middle School Mathematics (6-8)/(5169** or 5164**)
  • **After September 1, 2022, the required test will be Middle School Mathematics/ (6-8) (5164)
  • Mathematics (6-12)/(5161* or 5165*)
  • **After September 1, 2022, the required test will be Mathematics (6-12)/ (5165)
  • English (6-12)/(5038)
  • Biology (6-12)/(5235/5236)
  • **After July 1, 2023, the required test will be Biology 5236
  • Chemistry (6-12)/(5245)
  • Earth Science (6-12)/(If taken prior to January 1, 2024 -5571/If taken after January 1, 2024, 5572 will be the approved test)
  • Physics (6-12)/(5265)
  • Social Studies (6-12)/(5081)
  • World Languages which require a PRAXIS Subject Assessment (PreK-12) Spanish (5195), French (5174), German(5183)
  • Other World Languages require ACTFL assessments and TOEFL testing for those who are not native English speakers – call our offices for more information
  • Health and PE (PreK-12)/ (5857)
  • Marketing/(5561)
  • Business and Information Technology (5101)
  • Technology Education(5051)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences(5122)

Testing resources:

*For those candidates seeking an endorsement in ESOL, please contact our offices. Contact EducateVA

*For those candidates seeking an endorsement in a Career and Technical endorsement area, the EducateVA program will provide an approved industry credential test during the Level 1 semester. 

**Please note:  EducateVA does not offer training for an Elementary Education endorsement.