Why Choose EducateVA

Since 2004, the EducateVA Career Switcher program has trained over 1,500 individuals to become teachers.

The EducateVA program is much less costly than programs for licensure offered through traditional universities and colleges.

The EducateVA program is ideal for people who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher, have three or more years of full-time work experience, and are looking for a practical, affordable route to becoming a highly qualified teacher in the Commonwealth.

The EducateVA program offers a combination of online and face-to-face Saturday classes making it a flexible option for individuals working full or part-time while they complete the first level of the program.

At the heart of the EducateVA program is the support and feedback provided by our instructors and program staff.  Our instructors and staff are leaders in the field of education and have served as teacher leaders and administrators at many levels and in many areas.  EducateVA staff and instructors are with you every step of the way, through Level I training and your first year of teaching.